About Vestnik GLONASS

The GLONASS Herald journal is an innovative integrated complex media platform dedicated to the practical aspects of use of satellite navigation in different spheres of national economy and human life.

The GLONASS Herald is a single promo platform covering maximal target audience by way of using of special media resources intended for different target groups.

Hard and electronic versions of the magazine, information and news resource in the Internet (www.vestnik-glonass.ru), info placement in social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Vkontakte), news mailout, companies reference book, solutions catalogue, market analysis, business club, The GLONASS Herald Annual Award.

The GLONASS Herald is the first interbranch magazine dedicated to the practical use of satellite navigation technologies GLONASS in different spheres of national economy and human life.

PI MM Registration Certificate No. FS77-42950 dated December 10, 2010.


The Executive Office of the RF President and the RF Government, federal executive authorities, executive authorities of the RF federal subjects, the Federal Assembly, the Executive Office of the RF Subjects, the Civic Chamber, leading industrial enterprises, major consumer of systems based on navigation technologies, non-profit and public organizations, commercial companies specializing in navigation technologies and equipment, telecommunication companies, services and content providers, leading industry-related events.

Circulation - 2000 printed copies and more then 3000 readers of each online issue, about 2000 daily newsletter suscribers.


- a series of articles Introduction to Navigation describing the basic principles of operation of global navigation satellite systems and opportunities for their application in different spheres of national economy and human life;

- up-to-date information of the development of GLONASS, its functional applications, orbital and ground-based segments of the system;

- regulatory news, adoption or development of legal acts and regulations on the CTNS services and GLONASS system;

- implementation of large-scale projects such as MIR, ERA GLONASS, Social GLONASS, etc.;

- practical aspects of application of GLONASS technologies, including business projects;

- technology news, reviews of navigation solutions, equipment and promising developments;

- international cooperation in the field of development and use of state-of-the-art navigation technologies;

- opinions and expert discussion of the development of navigation technologies and GLONASS in particular;

- discussion of draft laws, regulatory and statutory documents and adopted legal acts;

- interviews with company CEOs, representatives of federal and regional agencies, scientists and technical experts engaged in GLONASS project;

- different forms of communication with the target audience of the magazine, such as surveys and ratings;

- reports on unique projects implying use of navigation technologies.

Objective of the magazine:

The principal objective of the magazine is to create a single information environment covering the main lines of development and use of national navigation technologies, to expand opportunities for technological applications, and stimulate info exchange between the stakeholders of navigation community.

General partner of the magazine:

CJSC "DB NAVIS" - development, manufacture and distribution of special-purpose equipment, high-precision positioning systems, time synchronization systems, marine and aviation equipment, signal simulators and other specialized navigation devices.

To get more information on the NAVIS GROUP, please visit the web-site: http://www.nvs-gnss.com/